I wrote a short story provisionally titled Keypad. You can read the whole thing here. An excerpt follows:

The keypad outside the apartment building responded to the man’s touch by emitting a bright blue backlight. It pissed him off.

When he’d first touched the keypad seven failed door code attempts ago, he’d found the light friendly and encouraging. But seven failed attempts at something often does serious damage to your wellbeing. And this man didn’t exactly have a healthy wellbeing to begin with. After the sixth failure, he’d gone down the block to the little park and sat in the light rain on a damp bench. Great, he’d thought to himself, now my ass is going to be wet all evening. But he’d stayed there for a few minutes, looking down at the black screen of his dead phone and pretending to be someone who lived around there. Eventually he’d come back from the park and failed the door code again.