Fountain Reviews

So far, Fountain has three non-Amazon reviews. I present some excerpts.

Tia at Nerds Of A Feather writes:

Fountain has that wonderfully bizarre but ingenious feel that leaves you on the edge of your seat grasping for more. Within the first ten pages I laughed out loud at least five times, not because Fountain is a comedy, but because it is so absurdly witty.

Taylor at the Midwest Book Review (MBR) Bookwatch writes:

Erudite, complex, deftly constructed, and a fully engaged and engaging read from beginning to end, Fountain is a compelling and highly entertaining read—a seminal work of original literature that will linger in the mind long after it is finished and set back upon the shelf.

Publisher’s Weekly writes:

This is an intelligent, perceptive novel, but it leaves the reader adrift.

Maybe that last part is a subtle pun on what happens in the last pages of the book. It probably isn’t.