We lost our function.

My real website is totehughes.com.

It was raining in the morning. It rained throughout the night, I suppose, though my memory of the night is vague; I woke up a few times but was distracted each time by something in a dream or messages on my phone. I remembered the messages in the morning, but not the dreams. As planned, my flatmate and I went to the English library, then the BD stands in the Plainpalais market, and finally to the university library. The rain cleared up early on, but the sky remained overcast, a close overcast of different clouds. It was my first time in the university library, and I was instantly hit by a comfort I haven't felt since Chicago. We spread out at a big table, and while my flatmate studied Spanish, I started Night Train To Lisbon and wrote some ideas for my new novella. I also wrote down my recent idea concerning fingers on hands and quantity estimation; it might end up in the novella, too. For a late lunch, we had kebabs by the skatepark, after momentarily getting lost in an Wild West street festival.